Some Updated Answers On Significant Aspects For Selection Process

Candidates are expected to use common sense and good judgement and to make assumptions they believe are appropriate in responding to the hypothetical situations. Related SiteReview all your notes and write up your decision. The candidate will be required to write a two-page memo outlining how to solve the problem presented. Check the references of your final candidates Checking references carefully and thoroughly is one way to avoid hiring the wrong person. Refer to University of California Recruitment Through the Use of Social Networks Before the internet, job fairs were considered a popular method for meeting candidates face-to-face. Note: Several bargaining unit contracts contain language related to applicant screening. Tests and the selection tools mentioned above should not be relied upon as the only screening mechanism. It is recommended that panel members include both men and women and, if possible, members of different racial or ethnic groups.

selection process

Im not going to allow this kind of questioning, Walter said. Lets get this out of the way. Do you think it would be difficult to sit in judgement of a fellow law enforcement officer? Moments later, Walter stepped in again when Blumberg asked jurors about the recent ruling in the Bundy standoff case in Oregon. That happened in another state, at another time in another case, Walter said. It has absolutely nothing to do with this case. Blumberg tried again, asking the jurors if they had any feelings about the case. Asked and answered, Walter said. Blumberg then asked about racial prejudices, specifically asking one juror what they thought was the root of racism in America. Oh no, Walter said. We are not going to get into that. Defense lawyer John McLindon also had his questions about racial sentiments streamlined when he asked a black male prospective juror if he could separate some of the language that would be brought up in testimony from the legal aspects of the case. Terms like n***** are not a crime, Walter said. We are not here to judge that.

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selection process

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